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Educators Tool Kit


This ground-breaking educational resource integrates with most educational curricula and programs and is a proven and practical way to teach primary aged children about personal, social and emotional aspects of learning (PSE).

Includes 'Special Education' content with each comprehensive lesson, plus access to the International Educator's Portal.

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Kimochis® - (KEY.MO.CHEE) which means "feeling" in Japanese - are plush, educational toys designed to help children identify, understand and manage their feelings in a fun, enjoyable way.

Each Kimochi has it's own unique character, feelings and story to tell. Children can identify with the Kimochis, spotting characteristics, feelings and behaviours that they may recognise.

For the different social and emotional challenges faced at school, at home, among friends or on their own, these multi award-winning educational toys help children to:




develop positive communication skills build healthy relationships recognise and manage  their feelings    understand the links between their feelings and behaviour express their feelings appropriately




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